1. Jennifer Sanchez, actress in role rehersal for her shor film.
2. Actor Arnoldo Ramos resting in the filming of NN the series
3. Actor Pablo Morales in character for the filming of NN the series.
4. Chef, feminist and entrepreneur Adriana Sánchez
5. Unknown performer, gay pride parade San José 2018
5. Swimmer, Selina Manuel Antonio. 
6. Top view of London street.

The liquid body (work in progress). Visual essay interrogating the flexibility of the cultural notion of body, gender and sexual practice. Sketches and final images. Currently being pitched for solo show.
Isolina, author  food restaurant, requested menu shots. Since the menu changes regularly I approached it as a display of ingredients and techniques.
Work for UNICEF and Oveja Negra Producciones. Teenagers skating in the Wall-less classes initiative for peace.
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